Yuki Border

Introducing Yuki Border, a small rectangular ceramic tile that epitomizes elegance and tradition. Yuki’s distinct characteristics include a subtle fluted effect achieved through the use of split bamboo—a nod to Japanese culture. Through a unique glazing process exclusive to the Yuki collection, each tile boasts a faintly distinctive speckling effect, adding depth and character. Measuring 20x145mm and thoughtfully arranged on sheets of 290x293mm, Yuki ensures easy and precise installation. Available in three carefully curated color options, each representing a different season, Yuki is a testament to its name— “yu” for glaze and “ki” for seasons—capturing the essence of nature’s beauty in every tile. Elevate your design with the timeless allure of Yuki Border.

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Collection: Yuki Border
Materials: Ceramic
Finishes: Glazed
Dimensions: 11.75"x11.5"
Origin: Japan



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Yuki Border

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