Travertine White Silver | Vein Cut | Filled & Honed

Travertine White Silver tile, rooted in the intriguing geological history originates from the heart of Italy. The formation of  Travertine White Silver can be traced back to ancient times when mineral-rich waters flowed through limestone deposits, gradually dissolving and re-depositing calcium carbonate to create travertine. Over thousands of years, this process led to the formation of the distinctive veining and patterns that characterize Travertine White Silver. What sets this travertine apart is its captivating blend of colors and textures. With a soft white or light beige base adorned with intricate silver and grey veining, each tile tells a story of the earth’s ancient processes, offering a truly individualized aesthetic for every installation.

Materials: Travertine
Finishes: Filled, Honed, Vein Cut
Origin: Italy



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