Statuarietto | Polished

Statuarietto Marble is a natural stone formed over millions of years through the metamorphosis of limestone. Its characteristic veining is the result of mineral deposits, primarily calcite and dolomite, that permeate the stone during its formation process. These natural occurrences lend to Statuarietto Marbles white color and subtle gray veining, highly regarded for its elegance and versatility in architectural and design applications. Statuarietto Marble is primarily quarried in Italy, particularly in the Carrara region of Tuscany. Carrara is renowned for its marble quarries, which have been in operation since ancient Roman times. The region’s geological composition gives rise to a variety of marble types, including Statuarietto.

Collection: Statuarietto
Materials: Marble
Finishes: Polished
Dimensions: 12"x24", 24"x24", 24"x36"
Origin: Italy



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