Rhythmic II

Introducing Rhythmic II from our Japanese Ceramic Collection, a unique wall tile design that effortlessly blends two contrasting tile shapes. This innovative composition features a long apex tile measuring 222.5×19.5mm, staggered with its counterpart, a short rectangle shape tile measuring 70.5×19.5mm. Installed on mesh backing, Rhythmic II ensures a seamless look once installed. Rhythmic II offers more than just visual appeal. Classified as a Nano-hydrophilic ceramic, it boasts exceptional stain resistance properties. When installed vertically, Rhythmic II provides additional benefits, including resistance to mud, dirt, dust, gas emissions, soot, and smoke, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment. Transform your space with this innovative tile design, where craftsmanship meets durability for timeless beauty.

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Collection: Rhythmic II
Materials: Ceramic
Finishes: Unglazed
Dimensions: 12"x12"
Origin: Japan



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Rhythmic II

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