Hosowari Border Random

Introducing Hosowari Border Random, a captivating wall cladding tile inspired by traditional Japanese architecture and the ancient practice of constructing walls from reused or broken roof tiles layered with clay. With its beautifully textured design, Hosowari Border Normal pays homage to this heritage while offering a modern twist. Featuring a rough-hewn face and smooth, angled edges, this tile provides a striking finish for both interior and exterior spaces. But the intrigue doesn’t stop there—Hosowari Border Random has a counterpart, Hosowari Border Normal. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that while Hosowari Border Normal maintains a symmetrical texture on the front-facing part of the tile, Hosowari Border Random features a unique variation. Some tiles have their texture cut in half, alternating between left and right, adding an extra layer of depth and visual interest.

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Materials: Ceramic
Finishes: Unglazed
Dimensions: 9.25"x12"
Origin: Japan



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Hosowari Border Random

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