Fabe RE

Step into a world of timeless elegance with our Japanese Ceramic collection, where tradition meets innovation. Introducing Fabe RE, a meticulously crafted tile designed to emulate the charm of brick, yet surpassing it in both sophistication and practicality. Unlike conventional brick tiles burdened with weight and bulkiness, Fabe RE offers a refreshing alternative, marrying the allure of brick with the lightweight versatility of ceramic.

Each tile in the Fabe RE collection boasts a unique blend of hues, capturing the natural variations found in authentic brickwork. This subtle interplay of colors lends depth and character to every surface, creating a captivating visual tapestry that exudes warmth and authenticity. Moreover, the tiles are enriched with a tactile texture, further enhancing their tactile appeal and dimension. As each tile is an individual piece, decorators have the freedom to explore endless layout possibilities, from classic arrangements to bold patterns and innovative designs.

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Collection: Fabe RE
Materials: Ceramic
Finishes: Glazed
Dimensions: 2.5"x9"
Origin: Japan



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Fabe RE

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