Celosia introduces a novel approach to artisanal terracotta production, aiming to birth imperfect and tactile elements shaped by the earth, human touch, and time. Roof tiles, bricks, hollow bricks, and partition walls are reimagined in an unstructured and reinterpreted manner, preserving the traditional touch of handcrafted production. These aesthetically unique, 8”x10.5”x4” (nominal size) design elements offer limitless solutions for both indoor and outdoor spaces in commercial and residential settings. Celosia transcends the confines of two-dimensional wall coverings, venturing into three-dimensional brick experimentation. Its shapes and compositions evoke the Roman numbering system, creating dynamic and unique designs.

Collection: Celosia
Materials: Terracotta
Finishes: Natural
Dimensions: 8"x10"x4"
Origin: Italy
Sold: Per Unit



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