A South Florida company since 1971, at Ajami we pride ourselves on exceptional craftsmanship and innovation in architectural and interior design. 

Raffoul Ajami

Founder & President

Raffoul, the visionary founder and President of Ajami. He embarked on his entrepreneurial journey over 50 years ago, crafting a success story that began when he immigrated to the United States from Syria to pursue what he now calls his life passion. His enduring dedication to the business gave rise to what Ajami is today. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Raffoul is a family man at heart, cherishing his wife, children, and beloved grandchildren. His life is a testament to resilience, hard work, and the importance of strong family bonds.

Raz Ajami

Creative Director

Raz, a dynamic entrepreneur and the Vice President of his family’s tile company, Raz is a Miami native. His journey in the tile industry is a testament to his dedication and leadership skills, guiding the family business to new heights. Beyond the showroom, Raz finds solace and excitement in the sleek curves of Porsches, indulging in all things Porsche. In his office, amidst the hustle of the business world, you’ll often catch him creating music with synthesizers, channeling his creative energy into a different kind of artistry. Outside of work, he cherishes quality time with his young son, a budding shark enthusiast.

Marirose Mardeni

Director of Sales

Marirose, a proud Miami native, serves as the accomplished CFO and Director of Sales of her family’s tile company. Raised in the heart of the city, she brings a local touch to her financial expertise. Beyond the spreadsheets and balance sheets, Marirose is a woman of diverse interests. Her love for fashion is not just a style statement but a reflection of her keen eye for detail. A music enthusiast, Marirose is known for singing to a range of genres. Her nurturing spirit extends to her role as an amazing mother of two kids and a little dog named Luke, creating a balance between her career and family life.

Molly Taylor

Marketing Director

With an eye for branding, design, and digital marketing, Molly elevates Ajami’s products and company reach. An avid traveler, Molly’s love for architectural design has grown as she has traveled the world. For Molly, a mix of architectural design and digital marketing is both a passion and a career. At Ajami Molly found a place where she can unleash her creativity and marketing expertise to elevate Ajami’s brand to new heights. Outside of the office, Molly is an adventurer at heart. Whether she’s climbing mountains, scuba diving, or biking, she thrives on outdoor expeditions and adventures. With Molly, Ajami 1971 continues to push boundaries and grow through new design and marketing tactics.

Mauro Santamaria

Warehouse Manager

A native Nicaraguan, Mauro made his way to Miami many years ago and started his journey with Ajami over 5 years ago. Since then Ajami’s warehouse has never been more orderly and organized. Mauro is Ajami’s warehouse sensei, he knows how to rack and stack a warehouse like no other. Often singing his melodious strains of Mariachi, which we joke as him serenading our products before they find their way to their forever home. A skilled singer and accomplished guitarron player, Mauro shares his musical talents beyond the walls of our warehouse, performing at venues around town with his band. Mauro’s dedication to both his craft and our team makes him an invaluable asset, enriching our workplace with his vibrant spirit.


Founded by Raffoul Ajami, whose journey began in 1968 in carpet installation, Raffoul moved to Miami in 1969 and founded Ajami Carpet Company, the predecesor to what Ajami is today.

From humble beginnings to becoming a premier surface and flooring company in South Flroida, our legacy reflects our relentless pursuit of mastery. At Ajami we have curated a selection of the highest quality materials including wood, ceramics, and natural stones into our repertoire. Now offering a large selection of surface and tile solutions. 

Our design team facilitates personalized selections with designers, architects and individual clients. With a rich history of resilience and growth, we recently celebrated over 50 years of shaping South Florida’s architectural landscape. As the journey continues, Ajami’s promise remains the same: exceeding client expectations with an unwavering level of quality and service.

When Raffoul Ajami arrived in Cumberland, Rhode Island in 1968 he began learning the art of carpet installation. Raffoul would then become a helper of a renowned carpet installer. His first project was the Boston Opera House, which was an experience like no other. It added a wealth of knowledge and experience in carpet installation procedures. In 1969, he moved to Miami and started working as an assistant to a subcontractor of Miami Rug. Two years later he opened the doors to Ajami Carpet Company and focused on carpet sales and installation. ​In 1977 he attended a wood installation school, became a certified wood flooring installer, and started to also sell and install wood floors. In 1981 as the ceramic industry was taken root in the Miami area, he attended a ceramic installation school to become a certified ceramic installer, and ceramic sales and installation were added to the Ajami mix. Then, in 1992 Granite tops were added, then Ajami Surfaces has been adding new and the most unique materials for walls, flooring, surfacing, decking, and cladding. This is how Ajami Surfaces was born. Ajami’s current showroom & warehouse was built under his supervision. The business has now grown into one of the leading and reputable, family-owned, and operated surface and flooring companies in South Florida. ​

Raffoul Ajami continually studies and follows the evolution-innovations of the varying aspects of the flooring industry. Searching for what is new and valuable to its clients, which is a lifelong process during which he contributed and continues to, inventions and systems that today form part of the standards in the flooring and installation industry. The latest being the Magnetic Surfaces Solution. Staying current on all aspects of the industry has helped make Ajami an industry leader in South Florida, which has been able to weather several recessions, we the Ajami team, are proud of our accomplishments, our resilience, and of our 50 years in the business and we look forward to keep serving the South Florida community.